Here at hot on heating spares we pride ourselves on our customer service. Our main aim through our business is for you to get what you need as quickly as possible. We never like to let anyone down and will always be open to any questions you may have and try to help where we can.

We believe the best way to make you the customer happy is first and foremost to really show that we care about what you are asking of us and by giving you a friendly and efficient service.  No matter whether you are asking for a small/cheap item like a thermocouple or a large/expensive item like a commercial boiler pcb, every order no matter how small or big or question asked will be treated in the same way and with a service that we at  hoton heating spares can be proud of.

If there is a part that we know about that will work in place of an obsolete item or a part that will do the job of another part but is much cheaper we will always endeavor to offer you this alternative. We believe that by doing this you will see how honest we are and that we are always trying to think of ways to save you the customer from paying too much for any particular item.     

We hope you give us the chance to show what we can do!


Shane Mitchell

Business Manager